The Use of New Professional Title Acronym

In accordance with Nevada Revised Statute 623A.150 registrants may use the following words or acronyms in connection with their name on documents, business cards and instruments of service; “Registered Landscape Architect”, “RLA”, “Professional Landscape Architect”, or “PLA”. (Added to NAC by Bd. of Landscape Arch. by R142-11, eff. 9-14-2012)

    The use of “RLA” “Registered Landscape Architect” has been used for decades by those licensed to practice Landscape Architecture in the State of Nevada. A new Title Acronym has been introduced to by the American Society of Landscape Architecture to provide a uniform way for a licensed landscape architect across the country to indicate that he/she is licensed. Many jurisdictions use PLA, RLA, LLA, or LA to signify licensure. The lack of a consistent post-nominal abbreviation makes it more difficult for potential clients and the general public to identify a licensed practitioner.

      Why PLA?

      According to the American Society of Landscape Architecture the following explanation is put forth.

        To truly establish a designation that can be used universally, it is necessary to avoid words that have specific legal meanings, like the terms registration and licensure. While these terms are often used interchangeably, in reality each has a distinct meaning in the realm of professional regulation. Like the “PE” designation for engineering, “PLA” can be used in any jurisdiction where a landscape architect is duly licensed. Most important, the use of “PLA” can raise the profile of landscape architecture by creating a universally recognized symbol for licensed landscape architects.

          The use of “PLA” establishes a designation that can be recognized by all to signify licensure. As the “PLA” designation is intended to signify licensure, it is the responsibility of licensees who use “PLA” to remain in compliance with their respective licensure requirements and only to use the designation in jurisdictions where they have a valid license. Those who are unlicensed should never use PLA.